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Solutions to applications where temperatures rise to 1500 °C / 2730 °F
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Nirafon Oy specialises in engineering and production of acoustic cleaning systems and devices. Nirafon acoustic cleaning is widely used in cleaning heat transfer surfaces and emission control applications in boiler plants and process industries. Our special strength lies in an ability to engineer solutions for cleaning heat transfer surfaces of a wide temperature range. In fact, we are the only one on the market to provide solutions to applications where temperatures rise to 1500 °C / 2730 °F.Our acoustic cleaning system has got 24/7 operability to keep customers application area always clean. Nirafon Oy has developed remote monitoring system that gives our customers continuous information on equipment operation. Remote monitoring minimizes the need to visit the equipment at the site and helps in anticipating future maintenance needs.

Industry leading innovation creator
For over 30 years we have closely cooperated with research institutes and different industries. This cooperation is the basis of our product development and gives us a firm background in producing practical solutions.
Easy and Quick Solution
The Nirafon acoustic cleaning system can be installed very fast and no steam piping is required. For localized fouling problems the system can in many cases be installed within one day and the process can be up and running again with no production time wasted. Our deliveries are quick and reliable to ensure quick solutions for example clogging problems that need immediate action.
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Stay clean with sound

Nirafon acoustic cleaning system offers several advantages compared to other boiler or process cleaning methods.

Cleanness maintained constantly
Nirafon acoustic cleaning is a totally independent process which does not require stoppage or interruption of production. Being an ‘on-line’ process, it significantly reduces or even eliminates down time and increases equipment availability. At the same time, Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems can be used during plant shutdowns to minimize requirement of manual cleaning.
No water, no erosion, corrosion or mechanical wear
Nirafon systems drastically reduce the use of water at power plants. Steam is no more needed for soot blowing, so it can be used for its original purpose in power production. Acoustic cleaning is also a gentle way of keeping surfaces clean. There is no mechanical wear, erosion or corrosion caused by cleaning.
The most energy-efficient cleaning solution
The Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems offer several distinct advantages as a superior and cost effective alternative to conventional cleaning methods. They maintain plant efficiency at a high level. Nirafon acoustic cleaning system continuously removes soot, ash and particulate matter deposits from surfaces, thus preventing formation of build ups and maintaining heat transfer efficiency in boilers, pressure drops in bag filters, vibration levels in fans etc. at desired levels.
Bringing substantial cost savings
Nirafon acoustic cleaning system offers an extremely cost effective solution. Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems require compressed air for their operation leading to much lower operating costs compared to traditional cleaning systems such as steam sootblowers which consume substantial quantities of steam. Having minimal moving parts, Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems require negligible maintenance, service and spare part costs. Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems are compact and occupy much less space compared to conventional cleaning devices such as long retractable soot blowers. This adds further to the cost effectiveness of the Nirafon systems.
Remote monitoring to provide 24/7 operation visibility
Our acoustic cleaning system has got 24/7 operability to keep customers application area always clean. Nirafon Oy has developed remote monitoring system that gives our customers continuous information on equipment operation. Remote monitoring minimizes the need to visit the equipment at the site and helps in anticipating future maintenance needs.
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Acoustic cleaning VS steam sootblowers

Acoustic cleaner advantages compared to the most common cleaning method; sootblowing.

Acoustic cleaning
Steam sootblowers
  • Fast and easy installation even when boiler is running
  • Can be used in all temperature areas of a boiler
  • Can be used also with molten or partly molten ash
  • Can be used with no steam available or a shortage of steam
  • Continuous cleaning of the process
  • Also cleans shadow areas and around the corners
  • Can be used together with other cleaning methods
  • No water needed
  • Doesn't cause erosion
  • No corrosion
  • No mechanical wear
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Products of our company

Nirafon variety of products can be used in numerous applications, from waste-to-energy plants and incineration plants to recovery boilers or desulphurization plants – and much more. They are also an excellent choice for the cleaning of emission reduction technologies.

NCSD® – superior acoustic cleaner

Nirafon Cleaning Sound Device (NCSD®) is a proven technology typically used for the acoustic cleaning of the more challenging parts of boiler plants, such as high temperature areas and with ashes that have a lower melting point in W2E plants and biomass fired plants. NCSD® can keep the heat transfer surfaces clean even at spots where ashes are in both molten and solid forms.

Temperature:   > 1000°C
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Nirafon pneumatic acoustic cleaners

The Nirafon pneumatic/air-driven acoustic cleaners are typically used for the cleaning of lower temperature areas in different applications in boilers: evaporators, economizers, air preheaters and emission control technologies such as SCR, FGD, Baghouse and ESP. Together with the NCSD®, these cleaners form the basis for our acoustic cleaning system engineering.

Temperature:   < 1000°C
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Nirafon case Helen

Keeping the SCR system clean to eliminate the risks of downtime

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